Once we were sitting around a child asked us what we missed from before quarantine. Obviously it was an almost rhetorical and pretty much phatic question; but it took us wholly off guard. We thought we knew; obviously the answer was something like we missed our general mobility, it’s subsequent freedoms and the basic unchallenged view of a relatively healthy future. But after brief reflection we were involuntary compelled to quietly utter, “not much really.” This current nearly sub-mariner existence is not as hard to take as we would have thought. Truth be told, in spite of all the bizarreness and intermittent fear, new possibilities are blossoming from the situation; opportunities emerging out of the old shabbily compulsive routines.

Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak rapidly raging throughout the world, we are experiencing an unprecedented historical time, and social and economic routines have been interrupted, including cultural exchange. More than ever, art remains an essential force to galvanize and rejuvenate of the society. The work «WETHEBUTTON» exploring the potential of mobile technologies, particularly with a creative and critical appropriation of various social media platforms. «WETHEBUTTON» is the one-page net art work that opens unbarriyred access to live steam of any kind all over the world. By clicking «WETHEBUTTON» you opens unlimited number of your brouser windows. This multi screen view of live events gives you a sustainable feel of involvement into a global community flow. It hopefully helps to overcame the notorious status of sub-mariner of your on existence cage.

The title «WETHEBUTTON» denotes a utopian community of solidarity as a network of empowerment. On the other hand, «WETHEBUTTON» also elicits a silver lining — a streak of hope to carry on. Rather than an explicit outcry against the current public health crisis and lack of social support, this online project addresses a general state of humanity that is under pressing peril of natural and social disruptions and precariousness, demonstratively manifested in the coronavirus outbreak. Please do not get it twisted, this is not some link on a hackneyed chain of epiphanies; but the attempt to calmly usher in a long desired mode. We hope that «WETHEBUTTON» project will help you to be grounded in a thought of intercommunion. We don’t know any specifics yet — only that its sincerity points to the unknown. All we can say is that it will be an unfeigned dialogue with ourself only.

Sergej Morozov and Serj Tubash